Formula1 Powerboat Championship

This exciting boat racing series is no stranger to Lake Havasu. Catch them at Legends of Havasu this year, concluding their 2023 season with jaw-dropping speeds, razor sharp turns, and plenty of action you won't want to miss.

Formula1 Powerboats schedule

These races will take place on Lake Havasu just out from The Nautical Beachfront Resort. Choose a VIP package there for the very best front row experience related to the Powerboats part of this event.

Don't miss the contingency evening on Thursday for Ultra4 USA, Formula1 Powerboats, and Sand Outlaw Series at Vendor Village in Lake Havasu City! Meet the racers, check out their machines, and chat with them as they start a big race weekend.

See the series website for more details about the classes, schedule and more!